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It is crucial that business owners, assist agencies, construction industry organizations and community groups participate in the study’s process and contribute to the study’s findings.

Public Presentation

CHA presented at the City of Chicago Construction Summit 2020.  For a PDF version of the presentation, please click here.

Stakeholder Groups Interviews

CHA will hold stakeholder small group interviews to provide an opportunity to relate members’ experiences doing business with the City and its prime vendors.  It is very important that stakeholder groups such as industry organizations, community groups and chambers of commerce with an interest in the City’s M/WBE Program and contracting activities, help to distribute information to their members, so that all firms can participate.

 Business Owner Interviews

CHA will conduct group interviews for business owners. Business owners can provide critical insights into doing business with the City and its prime vendors, the effectiveness of its current contracting and equity initiatives, and make suggestions for creative approaches to level the public contracting playing field.

CHA will also administer an electronic survey to collect additional information.

We also welcome written comments to be submitted through the dedicated study email